This relationship isn’t just about the numbers. We have great respect for what you have built over the years and strive to maintain the relationships you and your people have worked so hard to develop. We’re in it for the long-haul.

Characteristics of Argyle’s partners:

  • Annual EBITDA Of <$15mm
  • Stable, mature industries with fragmented competitors
  • Highly-skilled management and employee-base
  • Family-owned Canadian businesses with strong values and company culture
  • Service-oriented businesses with a customer focus
  • Sellers with a preference for long-term investment

We generally avoid high-tech industries and commodity providers.

What Does Argyle Do?

  • Work with existing management to understand the business and opportunities for growth
  • Retain and encourage the positive entrepreneurial cultures that are already such an important part of the businesses we buy
  • Implement systems to help businesses scale more effectively
  • Invest in financial, intellectual and technological capital, complementing the existing team with new hires, as necessary

We generally avoid high-tech industries and commodity providers.

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